Screening: Take the Road through South Pass – June 14

A screening of three experimental films by Marie Hinson, presented as part of her group exhibition at Vox Populi, We Are the Fruiting Body.

Thurs, June 14, 2018 // Blackbox at Vox Populi //319 N 11th St. Philadelphia, PA

If These Were Silent
9 min 17 sec // digital video // digital sound
An optically printed landscape of a mountain in northeast Pennsylvania. Shifting horizons, kaleidoscopic trees, and passing hikers meet shifting frame lines, changing frame rates, and optical effects in a phenomenological exploration of the interanimation of thought and landscape.

Official Selection // Montréal Underground Film Festival // 2014
Official Selection // Haverhill Experimental Film Festival // 2014
Official Selection // Big Muddy Film Festival // 2014
Official Selection // London and Portugal Underground Film Festival // 2013


May/June 2018 Vox Group Exhibition: We Are the Fruiting Body

We Are the Fruiting Body — Vox Group Exhibition

May / June New Member Exhibition

  • Levi Bentley
  • Becoming / Collective
  • Maddie Hewitt
  • Marie Hinson

Vox Populi’s 2017 New Members’ cohort each examine the body through various lenses—its ecological, socio-political, and animal imbrications—in the group exhibition, WE ARE THE FRUITING BODY. We are enmeshed in these concerns and in each other, separated and joined by our ways of seeing; a manifold unit.