New Webseries for Comcast

So proud to share that nearly two years of work documenting a massive commissioned art project at Comcast’s new headquarters in Philadelphia has finally been released online.

See it here:

Queer Genius NYC Premiere at NewFest

I’d love to invite you to the NYC premiere of Queer Genius at NewFest on Sat, Oct 26. I am grateful to have worked as director of photography on the culminating two years of the feature documentary with dir. Chet Catherine Pancake. With the “intimacy of home video” the film captures special moments in the lives and work of Barbara Hammer, Eileen Myles, Jibz Cameron, and Rasheedah Phillips and Camae Ayewa of Black Quantum Futurism.

more here:

IFP Week Spotlight on Documentaries

Thank you IFP for having us for IFP Week! My producers, Tom Dwyer, and Trevite Willis and I spent a week pitching for Frank Bey: You’re Going to Miss Me to distributors, festivals, funders, and investors. I’ve been working on the project for three years, and it’s been so special to see the growth over those years. Pitching felt like a celebration of how far we’ve come as a team and with our story!

for more:

The Chicken & Egg cohort and mentorship for IFP Week: Judith Helfand, Yvonne Welbon, Marion Isaacs, Milisuthando Bongela, Nailah Jefferson, Tom Dwyer, myself, and Darcy McKinnon.
My brilliant producers Trevite Willis and Tom Dwyer. So much love!

Queer Genius World Premiere at Frameline43

Just announced, the world premiere of Queer Genius, my most recent feature documentary as director of photography and associate producer with director and artist Chet Catherine Pancake. More here:

Over two years of work on the project brought me into the genius of Chet Catherine Pancake’s experimental doc practice. I had a front row, participatory seat to the work and lives of legendary queer artists Camae Ayewa, Rasheedah Phillips, Eileen Myles, and the late Barbara Hammer. Highlights included documenting from within and during Barbara Hammer’s rehearsals and debut of “Evidentiary Bodies” and a visit to Eileen Myles home in Marfa, TX.

Filmmaker Magazine – IFP Fellows Announced

IFP selected me and my first feature for their 2019 Documentary Lab cohort. The lab connects projects and first time directors with a series of three one-week intensives over the remainder of the year to guide films through funding, completion and distribution. More here:

Philadelphia Museum of Art – Final Friday Performance

Stop on the object / move on the image was a collaborative, site transformative performance work set in the Philadelphia Museum of Art against their Brancusi collection. The new work was included in the museum’s Final Friday programming on March 29th.

I designed a videoscape, projected on the ceiling and live, improvised score. The performance featured a collage of new and existing readings and durational movement by myself and four interdisciplinary artists Vitche-Boul Ra, Meg Foley, Sekai’afua Zankel, and Laura Neuman.

Chicken and Egg – Nest Knight Fellowship

In April I was selected as a 2019 Nest Knight Fellow by Chicken and Egg Pictures for Frank Bey: When You Ask Me! The fellowship was a pilot program with the Knight Foundation that comes with a production grant and a year of mentorship with Chicken and Egg staff. More here:

Vox Populi – “This is a Transmission”

Presented as part of Just In Time: 30 Years of Collective Practice
Friday, April 26 – Sunday, June 23, 2019

Presented on-loop as a single-channel audio installation in Black Box, This is a Transmission features the voices of trans and non-binary artists from the Vox Populi community that also creates a site for conversation around the metaphysical and spiritual dimensions of non-cis experience. The audio-only approach in a gallery space moves away from the familiarity of visual representation of trans and non-binary selves. The immediacy of the form also opens up a direct and necessary conversation around an often under-talked about part of trans and non-binary lives. The work is a collective action to include and share personal experiences, tools, practices, language, concepts, and aspirations as an urgent and fundamental part of trans and non-binary wellness, wholeness, and creative life.

This is a Transmission features current members Levi BentleyMarie HinsonMarion Horowitz and Lane Speidel, as well as Vox Populi’s 2019 Black Box Curatorial Fellow Malachi Lily and guest artist Eppchez, with more contributions to come. This is a Transmission is an iteration of a project conceived and originated by former Vox member Catherine ‘Chet’ Pancake with current member Marie Hinson.

The Whole Shebang – Winter Open Space Residency

Thank you to The Whole Shebang for a really special solo residency at the end of December where I explored new generative exercises in movement in writing. From my proposal:

I’m interested in some space for combining focused writing and movement. The project I’m in the middle of is a poetry collection or memoir about growing up in the mountains of Virginia in a rural, conservative community as a person of trans experience. In addition to narrative, the writing explores where place-making meets body in the movements through, between, and around physical/non-physical boundaries: mountain ridges, time fractures, and genders. In my explorations, I’m finding an exciting performative, embodied quality in my writing. Turns of phrase, colloquial sayings, or surprising images become gestures that lead the eye of imagination or create channels of alignment. I’d love the opportunity, particularly in these imaginative, generative stages, to bring the relationship of my words to body and movement into a literal form. This process would involve energy work, meditation, ecstatic movement, voice work, and some phrase building.

Scribe Video Center – Doc Production Workshop

Had an amazing time facilitating a multi-week intensive workshop in documentary production for the end of 2018! Scribe Video Center is such an important home for me as a filmmaker and Philly creative. It hosts workshops in all stages of video production, as well as screenings, filmmaker meet ups, community documentary partnerships, and resources for the Philly film community. The 8-Week Documentary Production Workshop covers pre-production, filming, and an intro to post-production for participants creating short films. (In the picture from our field workshop — Sebastian, David, Afuah, Tim, Danielle.)