IFP Week Spotlight on Documentaries

Thank you IFP for having us for IFP Week! My producers, Tom Dwyer, and Trevite Willis and I spent a week pitching for Frank Bey: You’re Going to Miss Me to distributors, festivals, funders, and investors. I’ve been working on the project for three years, and it’s been so special to see the growth over those years. Pitching felt like a celebration of how far we’ve come as a team and with our story!

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The Chicken & Egg cohort and mentorship for IFP Week: Judith Helfand, Yvonne Welbon, Marion Isaacs, Milisuthando Bongela, Nailah Jefferson, Tom Dwyer, myself, and Darcy McKinnon.
My brilliant producers Trevite Willis and Tom Dwyer. So much love!