The Whole Shebang – Winter Open Space Residency

Thank you to The Whole Shebang for a really special solo residency at the end of December where I explored new generative exercises in movement in writing. From my proposal:

I’m interested in some space for combining focused writing and movement. The project I’m in the middle of is a poetry collection or memoir about growing up in the mountains of Virginia in a rural, conservative community as a person of trans experience. In addition to narrative, the writing explores where place-making meets body in the movements through, between, and around physical/non-physical boundaries: mountain ridges, time fractures, and genders. In my explorations, I’m finding an exciting performative, embodied quality in my writing. Turns of phrase, colloquial sayings, or surprising images become gestures that lead the eye of imagination or create channels of alignment. I’d love the opportunity, particularly in these imaginative, generative stages, to bring the relationship of my words to body and movement into a literal form. This process would involve energy work, meditation, ecstatic movement, voice work, and some phrase building.