Group Show: A New Word for Here

Marie Hinson and Katie Wynne

Pilot Projects, 5th and Cecil B. Moore, Philadelphia, PA

September 8, 2018 – October 5, 2018
Opening Reception 7-10 pm, September 8, 2018

“Outside and inside are both intimate—they are always ready to be reversed, to exchange their hostility. If there exists a border-line surface between such an inside and outside, this surface is painful on both sides.”

-Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

Pilot Projects is pleased to announce A New Word for Here, an exhibition of works by two Philadelphia artists, filmmaker Marie Hinson and sculptor Katie Wynne. Both artists hinge their work on the role of the personal and the body – one turning out into the world toward a larger landscape of boundaries and delineations, the other inward, to a space of affection and absence.

Wynne’s slowly moving fiber-mechanical sculptures present articles of clothing as empty vessels where a body once was. Torsos become fluid as their forms drift and fold, floating as if suspended in time or dancing as if animated by a spirit. Hinson’s film “The Road Through South Pass” taking place in the mountainous landscapes of Wyoming, features two dancers at various stages throughout a day, surrounded by vast expanses of wilderness and tracing a historic migratory path carved out by people and animals across generations. Where these two bodies meet, gesture and touch become moments of healing and poetic knowledge.

Possessing what may initially seem an inverse approach to the subject of “Here” both artists engage with conceptions of location through permeability, addressing the shifting and vastness of “Place” where meaning and purpose are developed along the boundary between presence and absence. Both Hinson and Wynne harness the sublimity of motion as a kind of magic or witchcraft, performing a spell on a location in order to transcend delineations of class, value, and ownership. The fluidity of divisions and boundaries provide a liminal space in both artists’ works. Outside and inside are suspect; the road is a non-location, the bodies non-beings.